Tubesheet protection system

Tubesheet met ferrules

Ceramic ferrules are a frequently applied tool in the petrochemical industry, particularly for use in SRUs (Sulphur Recovery Units) to protect the boiler against corrosive gases and high temperatures. 

Concrete is a material that is traditionally used to keep the ferrules in place and protect the boiler against corrosive gases. But concrete has a number of disadvantages and is very difficult to repair. That makes interim inspections problematic, so much so that it is generally more economical to replace the entire wall.


Innalox developed a unique and user-friendly system for protecting boilers against corrosive gases and high temperatures for this reason.  

This patented system consists of stackable, interlocking blocks assembled with ferrules in their seams. Thanks to the shape of the blocks and the way they fit together, heat is channelled through the ferrules and gas is prevented from contacting the tubesheet. The shape of the blocks also means that no anchoring is required.

 Innalox TPS®Tubesheet Protection System developed by Innalox

 With this innovation, Innalox increases the lifespan of SRUs by simplifying regular inspections and significantly decreasing the risk of compromising the tubesheet during operation.