Sustainability is at the heart of Innalox. We operate with the greatest respect for people, nature and environment. That's why we are continually looking for ways to use materials as efficiently as possible and to minimise waste, water and energy consumption. 

Green processing
Wherever possible, we process our products in the green phase. This way, all the material we remove can be reused. By limiting the processing of parts in the post-sintering phase as much as possible, we reduce material losses, volume of waste and environmental impact.

Keeping additives to a minimum
Whatever you 'put in' technical ceramics, you have to take out again during sintering. That's why we do everything possible to keep the amount of additives to the absolute minimum. As an indication, we use only 1% binder in our products. Keeping down the number of additives not only increases the quality of the product, but also minimises the environmental impact.